Bamboo Steamer: Have You Heard About It?

Bamboo Steamer: Have You heard about it?

The steamer is a container, which has holes beneath. We put in a top of a boiling water pot and let the steam of the boiling water come through the holes of the container. We can place vegetables, meat, rice, or whatever you prefer to cook through steam into that container and close with a lid. That equipment we called as a steamer. Hence, the bamboo steamer is a new trend to steam foods. Thus, it is essential to know the uses for a bamboo steamer correctly, for your convenience.

Bamboo Steamer: Have You heard about it?
Bamboo Steamer: Have You heard about it?

What Is A Bamboo Steamer?

It is a prevalent cooking method in Korea, China, and Japan. China has a long history of making bamboo steamers that run back over 500 years. They used to make them with the skin of bamboo. The lower part will be done with small bamboo stripes. The process of making the product varies on the size and the creativity they put on the product. So, 15 minutes to an hours-long process can take place due to the requirement of the product.

How The Bamboo Steamer Drifted To Europe?

The product was famous in Europe and western countries by getting influenced by Chinese and Japanese cuisines. They have a very famous dish called dim sum and yam cha. The steamers can be stacked on each other, which saves a lot of time. Besides, you can take them to the dining table as it is. Since the product became popular among countries, silicon steamers came as an option for the high demand for production.

Bamboo Steamer: Have You heard about it?
Bamboo Steamer: Have You heard about it?

How To Use A Bamboo Steamer?

The bamboo is used as equipment in Asian countries. Yet, it is now widespread in Western culture too.

  • The best advantage is, you can cook different items at the same time. Since the bottom has tiny holes to air pass-through to cook everything simultaneously.
  • To start the process, you need a metal pot. Keep the water and let it boil.
  • Ones the bowl of the water is cooking and steaming up, you can place the bamboo steamer one by one with food on it.
  • Place the lid thoroughly closed.
  • When you are keeping the menu on the bamboo steamers, make sure to place some layer underneath it. Otherwise, food can get stuck onto the bottom part, and you will face difficulty in cleaning.

Variety Of Steam Liners You Can Place At The Bottom

  • Parchment papers – easy to find at the kitchen
  • Banana leaves – if you are in an Asian country, this will be the ideal.
  • Corn husks – which fresh or dried. Both can use.

The Cleaning Part Of The Bamboo Steamer

It is advisable to wash by hand. Take a mild nylon brush, hot water, and some liquid soap will clean thoroughly. Make sure to place it under sunlight to dry thoroughly before reusing it.


if you are a nature lover, this is the perfect thing to keep in the kitchen. The steamer will add extra flavor to your food. The food will be more delicious when you use the bamboo steamer.

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