Good Food Recipe: List That Can Be Prepared At Home

Good Food Recipe List That Can Be Prepared At Home

The good food recipe can be found on different online sites if you want to find them. However, we have chosen some of the best and easiest recipes for you to prepare at home. These dishes do not require too many ingredients and are light on your purse.

In this article, we will take a look at some Indian inspired dishes that are not only easy to make but light on the stomach. Pretty unusual you could say keeping in mind that most of the Indian dishes come with oil and fat.

Good Food Recipe: Food Items To Make In Your Kitchen

The first on our list is the butter chicken curry. It is one of the good food recipes because nobody says no to the chicken curry. It is a chicken-based dish that comes with loads of butter. However, you can make use of the butter in low amounts for a healthy recipe.

Good Food Recipe: List That Can Be Prepared At Home
Good Food Recipe: List That Can Be Prepared At Home

The recipe can prepared in less than 30 minutes, and you do not have to spend too much time in the kitchen. The ingredients are not too many, and you can have it with brown rice, brown bread, or even roti.

Since it a gravy dish, it is complete. However, you will want to avoid using the restaurant recipe where loads of butter used. The kadhai paneer is another recipe where paneer used.

Paneer is a form of tofu. It is bland and needs to add with some colors. The flavor that comes once you have prepared leaves you speechless. You can make it according to your preference and taste.

It does not take too long to prepare either. The pineapple raita is a form of salad with yogurt. You can make it with several ingredients of your own choice. It is sour and comes with a certain amount of sweetness in it.

The salad enables your stomach to feel some cooling effect after consuming the hot and spicy Indian dishes. Apart from that, the pineapple is a beautiful fruit that comes with its benefits.

Excellent Food Recipes Prepared At Home

You do not want to say no to such a beautiful food dish. You can prepare your variations. However, you might want to avoid using the restaurant kind of cooking. They use lots of butter and spices that make the dish unhealthy.

Good Food Recipe: List That Can Be Prepared At Home
Good Food Recipe: List That Can Be Prepared At Home

Lastly, you have the naan or bread that cooked in the tandoor. The tandoor is a heated open oven that comes with temperatures hovering around 400 degrees or more centigrade. Chefs who have used or learned to cook in a tandoor for more than five years or so are allowed to purchase and use the tandoor.

It is tricky and useful at the same time. You do not want to burn your hands when preparing the naan or tandoori chicken. The tandoori chicken is another Indian tasty food recipes that can have with bread or naan.

We will end this article with the garlic and smoky balsamic mushrooms recipe. You need some mushrooms, chopped garlic, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, thyme, ground black pepper, and salt. Mix everything and refrigerate for a few hours.

Then place each of them on a skewer and grill it for a few hours. Yes, it is a Chinese inspired vegetarian recipe that comes with its unique flavor and taste. This is something that you will not want to miss out.

With the help of a pan, you need to cook the mushrooms using some olive oil.

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